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Precinct Committee

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Our Precinct Committee Officers are the heartbeat and grassroots of the Kittitas County Republican Party. They serve as their neighborhood Republican liaison, building stronger relationships within our community and to help ensure we have a strong Republican voter turnout during our elections. 


 PCO Eligibility & Election

  • Be a member of the Republican Party.

  • Be a registered voter in the precinct.

  • File for election in even numbered years.

  • If unopposed a PCO candidate is automatically elected, if opposed whoever receives the most votes in the August Primary will be elected.

  • Serve a two year term starting December 1st following the election.

 PCO Appointment

  • Appointment for open precincts must be after the county reorganization meeting.

  • Eligibility: must declare to be a member of a major political party, registered voter in the precinct.

  • Appointment is made by the County Chair.


Ongoing Duties

  • Attend district and county Party meetings as possible, help formulate policy, recruit party candidates and volunteers.

  • Support Republican candidates.

  • Assist with fundraising events.

  • Distribute candidate information to neighbors.

  • Engage in Get-Out-the Vote activities: register voters and urge voter turnout.


Biennial Duties

  • Conduct a Precinct Caucus

  • Select officers of the County Central Committee

  • File for election for Precinct Committee Officer

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