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HOW TO: Check What Districts and Precinct you live in

Would you like to run for office or maybe you would like to reach out to a friend and encourage them to run but you aren't sure about qualifications. The first thing to do is check what districts you are in. These include but are not limited to PUD, HOSPITAL, FIRE and SCHOOL districts. To look these up you can visit our Kittitas County Accessors Page here :

On the left side of their page click "Property Search" then type in your address.

Click on the location you are trying to look up and a map will pop up.

On the top right side of that map there are three black square buttons.

The middle button is "Layers" by using this button you can find out all your districts, the area included in your voting precinct and more.

It's also helpful to know what Voter Precinct you live in and if you currently have a presiding Republican Precinct Committee Officer. Once you know your Precinct you can reach out to us to get your Committee Officers contact information. You can also look it up on our County Auditor's website here:

On the left side of your page there is a drop down that says "Elections"

Go down to "Political Parties"

Below Republican Party there is a list of all current Precinct Committee Officers. Please be mindful that this list might not be all inclusive as the Chairman can appoint PCO. This list is just those who are elected by the people. If you do not see a listed PCO you can reach out to us through this website or at If you are interested in becoming a PCO please first review our Bylaws Here:

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