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What is a PCO?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


No Local Voters' Pamphlet information required. (This office is not included in the

Local Voters' Pamphlet.)

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who is a registered voter and a member of a major political party may become a candidate. A candidate must file an online Declaration of Candidacy form. Since voters do not register by political party in Washington, a candidate declares himself/herself to be a member of a political party at the time of filing.

Election of a PCO

Precinct Committee Officers will be elected at the August Primary Election on an even year. Since write-in candidates are not allowed for PCO races, if only one person files for office, he or she is deemed elected. If no one files for office, the position is filled by the county chair of the County Central Committee of the appropriate political party.

Term of Office and Vacancies

The term of office is two years. Should a vacancy occur in the office (caused by death, disqualification, resignation, or failure to elect), the chairperson of the County Central Committee fills the vacancy by appointment.

Duties of a Precinct Committee Officer:

Each officer is a member of the County Central Committee. The committee has the authority to nominate persons or fill vacancies for a state, legislative or county office. Also, they may elect members to the State Central Committee. They participate in party activities and represent the party.

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1 Comment

Sarah J. Norton
Sarah J. Norton
Nov 17, 2022

What responsibilities do PCOs have to the registered voters in their precinct?

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