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2024 Caucus & Convention

The 2024 Caucus and Convention is coming up sooner than we know! You can find info here for how to sign up and keep in the loop.

Precinct Caucus

January 13th 2024 

9AM Registration

Hal Holmes Community Center in Ellensburg

This will be a pooled caucus- all county precincts will join us at this location.

Don't know your precinct?

You can find it here

caucus (1).png
caucus (1).png

County Convention

March 2nd 2024 at the KCRP Headquarters

Check in at 9 AM

Beginning at 10 AM

Delegates elected during the precinct caucus should plan to join us for the county convention

WA State Convention

April 18-20th 2024

Spokane Washington

Delegates who are elected from our County Convention should plan to attend the State Convention. 

You can read more information on the WSRP website

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