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PCO- WA State RCWs

Precinct committee officer.

If a vacancy occurs in the office of precinct committee officer by reason of death, resignation, or disqualification of the incumbent, or because of failure to elect, the respective county chair of the county central committee shall fill the vacancy by appointment. However, in a legislative district having a majority of its precincts in a county with a population of one million or more, the appointment may be made only upon the recommendation of the legislative district chair. The person so appointed must have the same qualifications as candidates when filing for election to the office for that precinct. When a vacancy in the office of precinct committee officer exists because of failure to elect at a state primary, the vacancy may not be filled until after the organization meeting of the county central committee and the new county chair has been selected as provided by RCW 29A.80.030.

RCW 29A.80.041

Precinct committee officer, eligibility.

Any member of a major political party who is a registered voter in the precinct and who will be at least eighteen years old by the date of the precinct committee officer election may file his or her declaration of candidacy as prescribed under RCW 29A.24.031 with the county auditor for the office of precinct committee officer of his or her party in that precinct. When elected at the primary, the precinct committee officer shall serve so long as the committee officer remains an eligible voter in that precinct.

Precinct committee officer—Election—Term.

The statutory requirements for filing as a candidate at the primaries apply to candidates for precinct committee officer. The office must be voted upon at the primaries, and the names of all candidates in contested races must appear under the proper party and office designations on the ballot for the primary for each even-numbered year. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. The term of office of precinct committee officer is two years, commencing the first day of December following the primary.

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